Vehicle Data Tracking

Here at Palmer and Martin we understand that today's business sector is fiercely competitive and customers expectations are rising equally as fast, companies must push the boundaries just to stay with the norm.

This is why we track our vehicles, both for our protection and our customers piece of mind – imagine the scenario, your out somewhere you have never been before, take one minor wrong turn, and before you know it your hopelessly lost. Well we are only a phone call away, and we will know exactly where you are and provided you know the address or postcode of where you need to be we can give you the directions to have you back on track in no time*.

It's not only us who can monitor our vehicles, you** can too with utilisation and efficiency being a key factor in so many of today's businesses its nice to know that your drivers are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be!

Provided you can get to any computer which has internet access you can see exactly where our vehicles are and where they have been. We can also provide you with daily reports to show exactly what your vehicles have been doing. Giving you 24 hour accountability and improved productivity.

* A small fee may be applied.
** Account customers only.


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