Insurance Terms

Drivers have to be between the ages of 21 and 70 years. (25 years if driving a 7.5t vehicle – with experience of driving larger vehicles and a category C1 on licence).

Minibus Hire

25 years or over, with 3 years driving experience and category D1 on licence. Not insured for hire or reward. An additional £100 excess will be applied to persons under 25 years and drivers of licences issued outside of UK.

Do you have a clean licence? Speeding and minor offences are acceptable but must not exceed 3 endorsements.

We do not hire to persons who have UT, DD, DR or BA on their licence.

UK licences are ok. European licences also (as long as we can understand the licence and whether or not they have convictions – if not – we will refer to our insurers).

Have you ever been banned from driving or refused insurance?

A person has to have their licence back for a full 10 years to be insured without referral (even if it is one day short it will have to be referred to our insurers).

We will refer to insurers if a person has had their licence back for a full 5 years. If accepted, a code will be given and an addition to excess will be given.

Do you suffer from physical or mental defects, impairment of sight, hearing, weak heart, diabetes or epilepsy?

If yes, and the DVLA has been notified of the condition and the have issued a driving licence, then hire is ok. Accidents caused by you in the last 3 years.

We do not hire to persons who have caused 2 accidents in the last 3 years.

For persons hiring for use abroad, AA breakdown will be an additional cost and insurance Greencard is charged at £20.00 per 7 days. Other terms.

We do not hire to persons within the entertainment or theatrical profession, racing or gambling, American service personnel, professional sports person and couriers and/or light hauliers involved in multi-drop/deliveries. Have to provide their own insurance.


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